Hi everyone! Thanks soooo much for the comments on the previous post.
Hope you are having a nice Friday!

Today's post is all about the fab dress deftly embroidered with exquisite
floral details.
This dress from Miss Selfridge is the perfect combination of feminity and
As you see the original dress from the link below, you will notice
that I cut the length and took off black tapes to fit my size and taste.
I do often diy my outfits, even labeled ones.
This time I wanted to make it for more casual-use, and lighter for the super-hot
weather in Tokyo.

dress: Miss Selfridge(here)
earrings: m.soeur
rings: Ahkah
sandals: Giuseppe Zanotti(similar here)



Hi, everyone! I'm so sorry for the long absence.

I've been away from blogging for almost two months as I got injured
during my trip to Philippines.
I had a fall and sprained my foot. I managed to walk about for two weeks with a swollen foot (almost doubled). And had never known my foot was actually
fractured till I went to a clinic back in Tokyo.
That was a horrible, painful experiment. I got a cast on, and had to put men's size
Birkenstock sandal on the injured foot even at night parties.

Tasted such bitterness, the sweet happiness I'm feeling now is even more special
than before. The foot was healed and I can wear heels!! 
Heels, oh my goodness, I've desperately longed for......!!

Also I'm so happy to be here, coming back to my blogging routine that
gives creative moment to my life.

asymmetric dress: Fumika Uchida
earrings&choker: Kazuko Mitsushima
bracelet: Ranjana Khan
clutch: Tom Ford
shoes: Chanel